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Ruhani Silk Body Exfoliator - Ancient Turkish Kese

Ruhani Silk Body Exfoliator - Ancient Turkish Kese

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Welcome to the start of your ancient Turkish & Roman Bathing Ritual, with Ruhani Silk Kese! Used for centuries in Turkish-Roman baths, this traditional exfoliating glove is made of silk and will give your body the ultimate pampering session. The coarse texture visibly removes dead and damaged skin in seconds, leaving you with smooth, soft, and unbelievably radiant skin. Create an Ancient Spa Experience in your Home Take a warm bath or shower for 5-10 minutes. Wash any oils and lotion off your skin with soap. With the Ruhani Kese, use light pressure on your palm to move back and forth. Rub in a circular motion until you see small rolls of dead skin begin to peel away. Move to the next area on your body and repeat & rinse. 

Made in Tūrkiye / OEKO-TEX®

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