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Polarbox® Cooler Bag Urban Pearl Gold 6L

Polarbox® Cooler Bag Urban Pearl Gold 6L

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The all new 6L Cooler Bag from Polarbox. Lunch in Style! This cooler bag is much more than just a lunch bag. It is the ideal companion for keeping your food and drinks at the ideal temperature while adding a touch of style to your everyday life. This stylish cooler bag is lightweight, the AIRPOP coating offers excellent thermal insulation.

The Cooler Bags is equipped with side buckles, fully compatible with our collection of PrinkStyle interchangeable fabric handles! Personalize your Cooler Bag and create unique combinations that reflect your authentic style in every detail.

Style and functionality in one package! Each cooler bag comes with two Tupperware and additional space for all your whims. The Tupperware containers is 1L, enough to store and organize your meals with ease.

Leave your typical lunch bag behind and upgrade your style with our new Cooler Bag designed especially for your daily routine, whether at work, beach, gym, airplane or anywhere and anytime. Your food deserves to travel with style and freshness!

Features and specifications of the PolarBox Cooler Bag:

  • Perfect thermal insulation - equipped with two layers of AIRPOP and propylene to give you a cooling level between 5 - 15 degrees Celsius within a period of 24 hours
  • Each cooler bag comes with two 1L Tupperware and additional space for all your whims
  • Available in 10 different delicious colors, along with shoulder strap made of durable, high-quality leather. The length of strap can be adjusted in three different levels
  • The leather strap can be replaced with canvas fabric straps to match the color of your cooler
  • Small size with 6 liters capacity - fits 8 soft drink cans
  • Light weight - 1 kg
  • Made in Spain 100%

PolarBox Bag Sizes:

  • Length : 30 cm
  • Width : 18 cm
  • Height : 24 cm
  • Weight : 1 kg
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